About Us

Welcome to My Prefer Gift Shop

Our Mission

We are a Singapore base company whose mission is to help you make a comfort & improvement to your Lifestyle through entrepreneurship.

Our products unique Features & Benefits will be an add on to your basic needs to make constant changes & improvement to your lovely home.


Our Founder

This Store was founded during the Covid-19 period. As many people starts working from home due to government safety measures, home becomes an important place for each individual person.

Being a Sales & Marketing father with many responsibility, I strongly believe each every individual would have the needs to take a break to renew & recharge our energy after a long days of work. Where is the better place to be other than your own sweet home.

Since the start of Covid-19, many working parents might be needing more spaces for our work, while at the same time looking for more things to fill our needs to perform our job.

Being said that, many people including me start buying products to organize our home. 

Home accessories such as Organizer, Electronics Products, Kitchens Products, Sports & Outdoor Products, Beauty Care Products ,Decorative items, Tools and Lighting, Gardening Accessories, Pets Food & Accessories, Clothing etc...